Both outboard seats get windows, even with direct aisle access

Lufthansa shows off new Recaro CL6710 business class seats for 777X

Lufthansa is teasing its new business class seat, set to take flight on the 777X in 2020. The company showed off photos this morning on Twitter featuring the new product.

The carrier chose Recaro’s CL6710 line for its new product, delivering direct aisle access for all passengers throughout the cabin. The product will be tweaked for Lufthansa’s needs, of course, but the base CL6710 delivers a reasonably high density seating solution while also maintaining privacy for passengers.

The center section has an interesting layout in the renderings, with a center “throne” seat on offer. That could be appealing to a passenger who doesn’t care about window views on board.

The center "throne" seat on Lufthansa's new 777X will feature tons of space, but no windows.
The center “throne” seat on Lufthansa’s new 777X will feature tons of space, but no windows.

The layout also comes with a penalty for couples. There is no reasonable option for those passengers to sit together in their travels. The non-throne center pair is best, but still not great. That demographic is often considered less important for premium cabin seating layouts so the slight is far from unexpected.

The announcement today of the product set to fly some years out is also a reminder of just how far out airlines must plan for the hard product in flight. Undoubtedly new developments will be made in the coming years before this product every sees service, but the carrier must commit today to ensure the supply chain is ready to deliver.

It is also worth noting that the Lufthansa Group (including Austrian and Swiss) is reportedly standardizing its business class seats across brands. Again, minor tweaks to reflect the individual carriers’ personality, but the underlying hardware is expected to be the same, saving on costs long term. The company has already done similar with some economy class seats. Given that plan expect to see more CL6710 orders for the other airlines in the group in the coming months and years.

El Al was the first customer for the CL6710, launching it in service on the carrier’s 787 Dreamliner fleet earlier this year.

Images from Lufthansa/Twitter

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