Interjet is now online

Interjet took delivery of XA-JOE, its first A321neo over the weekend. With that delivery the carrier joins the club of airlines offering wifi in the sky. The plane carries Panasonic Avionics‘ eXConnect inflight connectivity solution on board.

The aircraft is the first of 40 committed to the Ku-band inflight wifi solution. It was also supposed to be the first install of Panasonic’s connectivity solution at the Airbus factory; that turned out to not be the case based on the delivery timing.

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A321neo InterJet XA-JOE

The connectivity deal was announced last September during the APEX EXPO event in California, with expectation of delivery in November. That date slipped, presumably due to delays in engine deliveries. Two more Interjet A321neo aircraft – XA-NEO and XA-MAP – are excepted to be delivered soon. Both sport the tell-tale radome on top.

A321neo InterJet XA-JOE

Full details on the product offering and pricing plans, as well as when the new aircraft will enter passenger revenue service, are not yet know.

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