Aircraft delivery schedule for JetBlue over the coming years.

JetBlue Grows Up with A220 order: Big shoes (and planes) to fill

JetBlue‘s move to dump the Embraer E190 fleet in favor of the Bombardier CSeries newly branded Airbus A220 comes as a surprise only in terms of timing. The carrier’s interest in a replacement for the E190s is well known, driven by concerns about higher than expected recurring costs and maintenance/reliability issues. The replacement selection process extended years, culminating in the order announcement on the same day as Airbus officially unveiled the new marketing plan on the type. Even as executives from the CSALP joint venture briefed media on how the A220/CSeries aircraft will slot into the existing A320 family of planes this deal waited in the wings to suggest otherwise for at least one member of the family. And as JetBlue grows in to the CSeries A220 a number of other questions arise over the carrier’s growth plans.

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